Success of Partnerships

    •  "Chetwynd Primary Academy converted to become an academy school on 1 April 2012. When its predecessor school, Chetwynd Road Primary School, was last inspected by Ofsted in March 2010, it was judged to be good. It is a partner academy within the Spencer Academies Trust and a member of the George Spencer Academy Teaching Schools Alliance."
      - Terry McDermott, Lead Inspector - Additional Inspector (Chetwynd Primary Academy Ofsted, September 2014)

Academies 'working in partnership' on the journey with us...

SAT Partnerships


NewGSALogo AllSizeWithText no little onesGeorge Spencer Academy 'mothership' continued upward trend 

  • Outstanding Ofsted - May 2015
  • Best results at GCSE and A Level in 2014
  • 78% 5A*-C EM (76% first entry) up from 74%
  • Mr F. Mitchell, Principal, has secured National Leader of Education (NLE) status


Outstanding Ofsted

    •  "They had a strong track record in improving teaching and achievement both in this academy, and in the schools they support."
      - Ofsted (May 2015)
    •  "Leaders from partner schools who met with the lead inspector spoke of the critical support they had received in improving their schools. This has included targeted support for a school that had been subject to special measures, and helping another school to move, in a relatively short space of time, from requiring improvement to outstanding. One headteacher stated, 'We feel we are at the centre of excellence here', while another wrote of the Principal's 'compassionate desire to improve the quality of education for pupils in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area.'"
      - Ofsted (May 2015)
    •  "There is something for everyone at George Spencer. You grow as a person, not just academically."
      - Ofsted (May 2015)
    •  "We are extremely lucky to come to this school. We feel like we've won the golden ticket!"
      - Student at George Spencer Academy - Ofsted (May 2015)

      Outstanding Colour School

    •  "One young man who met with inspectors spoke with considerable and justified pride about the progress he had made because of the support he had received, saying, 'They always believed in me'."
      - Ofsted (May 2015)



Long Field AcademyLong Field Academy

Join Date: 01/04/15

  •  Ofsted Grading - Requires Improvement (February 2016)
  • We were delighted that the Academy has come out of Serious Weaknesses and secured a 'good' judgement in: Effectiveness of leadership and management; quality of teaching, learning and assessment and Personal development, behaviour and welfare.
      •  "There has been a considerable improvement in the leadership of the school in a short period of time."
        - Ofsted (February 2016)

      •  "The academy sponsor, the Spencer Academies Trust, has provided effective support for the school. It has ensured that systems to improve the school are thorough, has provided additional training for school staff and has provided a good level of challenge and support for school leaders."
        Ofsted (February 2016)


Heanor Gate Science CollegeHeanor Gate 

Join Date: 01/09/12

  • Heanor Gate came out of Special Measures (November 2014)



Chetwynd Primary Academy 

Join Date: 01/04/12

  •  Ofsted Grading - Good (September 2014)  
  • Mrs L Tonks, Principal, has secured Local Leader of Education (LLE) status


Wyndham Primary Academy

Wyndham Primary (Sponsored) Academy

Join Date: 01/09/12

  • Ofsted Grading - Outstanding after 2 years (May 2014)
  • Predicted improvement for Key Stage 2 L4+ results 2013 - Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Predicted improvement for students making two levels of progress in both Maths and English. 
  • Mrs A O'Brien, Executive Principal, has secured National Leader of Education (NLE) status

Fairfield Primary AcademyFairfield Primary Academy

Join Date: 01/09/13

  •  Ofsted Grading - Good September 2013)
  • Ms Stacey, Principal, has secured Local Leader of Education (LLE) status





Other School to School Improvement Partnerships 

Grove-SchoolThe Grove School 2011-2012

  • George Spencer staff deployment over 15 months including Assistant Headteacher, Senior Vice Principal, additional Governor support, range of AST's and Middle Leaders working aceoss the curriculum to support, develpo and model practice.
  • 5 A*-C Improved 19% - including Maths and English in 2012.
  • 5 A*-C improved 50% - including Maths and English in 2012 for FSM students.
  • 5 A*-C GCSEs - improved 17% in 2012.


Holgate School

  • Support includes leadership and management, teaching and learning and curriculum development.



Advanced Level Consultant School - 2009

  • Overall academic improvements in schools supported through National Challenge: Sutton Centre and Quarrydale and as School Improvement Partner: Joseph Whitaker.

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